Due Diligence Services

Due diligence is an increasingly important part of any acquisition or investment, and usually a pre-requisite for banks and venture capitalists. When undertaking due diligence, whether it is financial, commercial or corporate, it is imperative to have an experienced and impartial approach.

Whether you are looking to acquire, sell or merge a business, our team can help you to assess, integrate, improve and innovate your business. Our due diligence provides companies with multi-sourced information that is crucial for understanding the true level of risk involved. Due diligence can also uncover “skeletons in the closets” that might alter your decision to acquire or invest in the business.

With investors becoming more cautious, negotiations are more protracted and companies have more time to devote to due diligence. The prudent investor understands the benefits of conducting due diligence on the target company as it provides more substantive information in terms of underlying issues and understanding key trends and indicators.  That’s why appointing appropriately skilled members of the due diligence team is critical to ensure the information is adequately understood and its impact accurately evaluated.

Our approach is flexible and tailored to the specific needs of each assignment. Whether you want an extensive, full due diligence review or simply want to use our expertise to check out certain aspects of a target, we will work with you to deliver the information you need, when you need it. Our due diligence can prevent a financial calamity or allow the purchase of the target firm on a better price or more advantageous terms. In other words, we can significantly enhance your position in the potential transaction.