Direct and Indirect Tax Advisory

Today’s businesses have become extremely dynamic because of the way they operate and extensive use of technology. This has resulted into execution complex transactions. Taxation can be a major cost to your business. We will work with you to minimise your tax and help you achieve your key objectives.

In India, indirect taxes encompass every area of an Indian business. Generally any transaction, whether in goods or services, attracts various indirect taxes. Indirect taxes are usually borne by the final consumer. Therefore if a business entity fails to anticipate the applicability of an indirect tax and does not recover the same from the consumer it becomes a cost to the entity and is a direct hit to the bottom line. Consequently indirect taxes have a direct bearing on the costs, pricing policy, cash flow and profitability and ultimately the competitiveness of an organisation. Hence it becomes critical to evaluate the impact of various indirect taxes on any given transaction.

The existing regime requires businesses to undertake careful upfront analysis of the tax costs involved in a transaction ensure adequate backup documentation to support their tax positions and constantly explore opportunities for tax optimisation.

We hold an expertise in practicing both direct as well as indirect taxation matters in assistance with providing wide range of tax services throughout the year. In support with our legal advisors & chartered accountants, we keep our clients updated with all those tax laws and legislations that help them towards understanding crucial tax planning opportunities.