Business Valuations

There is a saying in the venture capital industry: "The value of a business is only what someone is willing to pay for it." In other words, the market, and your ability to attract investors and negotiate with them will determine the value or selling price.

The characteristics of your business are as unique and intricate as you are, and realising this is just the beginning of giving your organisation a fair and accurate value. Everyone who owns a business needs to place an accurate value on it. If you want to sell all or part of your business, you need to have an idea of its value. The process of determining the value is called valuation. You and the buyer or investor need to determine what you feel is an appropriate business valuation because it will be the basis for negotiating.

Business valuation is a complex task, and a financial advisor with experience in business valuation can be an invaluable asset. By reviewing the company's operations, industry factors, and general economic conditions the valuator can derive a unique and specific value range appropriate for the subject business.

Remember that many factors affect the value of your business. Seeking professional assistance can help you calculate an accurate value for your business. We provide an independent and objective view on the value of businesses, securities and other assets, including intellectual property. When it comes to business valuations, companies count on the professionals of Venus Shah and Associates to provide them with independent and objective assessments of value. Our expertise is wide ranging, covering traditional industries in the manufacturing and service sectors to companies with new and innovative technologies.

We can provide you with a theoretical value that will give you an idea of the fair price to pay for a business.